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September 02, 2008


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Linda Morgan

you have to check out this website:


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I totally agree with your list to de-stress, except that I would add, eat plenty of chocolate.


Thanks! As a bride-to-be, I need to read all of those reminders!!

After Hours DJ

I'd love to share this with my brides. Too bad my wife will never take to it. :)

Weddigs on the Strand

Always good to see these lists. Please, let's transform stress into sweet anticipation!

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Great List! I absolutley like the last one best. As someone who is married and works as a wedding vendor I can vouch for it definitely being the most important.


Excellent advice you have here,Thanks i found this.


honeymoon registry

Great Tips! it's very important to plan your wedding day to avoid stress..

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Planning of the wedding is important. It becomes more effective if all planning will be done without stress.
I am agreeing with your list to de-stress. Thanks for your advise.

filmino matrimonio milano

Thanks for your good suggestion. Especially I like your sixth point. It was very helpful for me when I done marriage of my lovely daughter.

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Brides are always stressed by the schedule of the day, thanyou for sharing tips like this.

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Sometimes stress is unavoidable when planning a wedding and because of it we sometimes tend to forget to take care of our health. This posts can somewhat be a major relief when handling stress during the wedding planning process...

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