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October 24, 2008


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Was there any information in weddings abroad, in your opinion what would you say was the best expo venue for destination weddings in Cabo?


Was there any information in weddings abroad, in your opinion what would you say was the best expo venue for destination weddings in Cabo?

Wedding Guru

This looks like a great event. A super place to get all the information.

Joe Beck - Wedding DJ in Chicago, IL

Looks like a BLAST!

Mary Thompson

I bet that event was so much fun and informative for everyone involved in weddings to attend. Thanks for the update on the show.

Were there any slide show companies out there? This seems to be the new thing. Taking the photos from the wedding and creating custom slide shows with movement, backgrounds, panning and transitions all put to music and wow what a show!

Or using photos of the bride and groom over the years they were together up to the wedding day, including their younger year photos all put together as a slide show presentation for showing at the reception.

This makes for a very emotional, fun and unique experience and everyone gets to know the bride and groom in a whole new way!



Great Shots! What an amazing location and you maximized it!

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You all are looking Beautiful. Its true!

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Wedding Photos

You truly had a very inseparable wedding celebration. It ain't just the location that made it perfect, but every single event that happen and each little part is what made it perfectly excellent. Thanks for sharing this very informative article that inspired me truly.

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